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(Primary) Energy Storage: The Elementalist's primary attribute, Energy Storage, increases maximum Energy and boosts skills that help regenerate Energy.

Fire Magic: Improve Fire Magic to increase the duration and effectiveness of the Elementalist's fire skills, which inflict fire damage and can affect large areas.

Water Magic: Allocate points to Water Magic to increase the duration and effect of the Elementalist's water skills, which slow enemy movement and turns the blood of foes to ice.

Earth Magic: Build up Earth Magic to increase the duration and effectiveness of the Elementalist's earth skills, which can protect both hero and ally or inflict damage on opponents that ignores their armor.

Air Magic: Air Magic increases the duration and effectiveness of the Elementalist's Air skills, which pierce armor, cause Blindness, and knock enemies flat.

Elementalist Skills


Attribute/Skill Name



Energy Storage
Aura of Restoration

No Attribute
Glyph of Lesser Energy

Blinding Flash
Lightning Javelin

Written by Presearing Club

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Disclaimer: Firstly, this isn't a how-to-play guide, but rather just what I use for my Elementalist/Monk, this is what I prefer how to have my character set up. Secondly, there's many ways to go about an alter run with an E/Mo. The following explanation is how I personally go about engaging, I've adapted to this play-style and I strongly believe this choreography offers the quickest outcome.


WHITE = Patrol 1. 

YELLOW = Patrol 2. 

PINK = Begin Firestorm while targeting Jaw Smokeskin.


Pre-casting Enchantments: Covering your most desired Enchantment you wish to maintain with a lesser desired enchantment, to help preserve the skill bonus from being stripped by Shatter Enchantment. This can be achieved by casting the skill you wish to keep first. (Example if you wish to keep Aura of Restoration, cast Healing Breeze after.) Most widely referred to as pre-prot/ench.

Point 1: Patrol 1 will begin walking to shrine, so utilize their route to your advantage by allowing them between the 2 white dots as illustrated. This staircase offers the perfect choke point to maximize your damage across the field. The second Charr boss will follow into the grouping. At this time it's best to pop the Imp out, as he will always lead with Fireball (L19 Imp has 13FM, resulting in -98 Fireball's, damage varies from armor) to help finish that group.

Point 2: After the Imp, it's best to run and Firestorm (most likely will be recharged) Patrol 2 as they reach the yellow dot as illustrated. At this point the remaining L8 Warriors should be attacking you all together, this will become your third balled group.

Point 3: The remaining 2 Charr Bosses, including back-right patrol are left at your disposal.



L7 Charr = 220hp.
L8 Charr = 240hp.
L10 Charr (boss) = 280hp.
Imps or pets help circumvent damage recieved.
+1 Attribute consumables add an additional +5 per damage trigger. (Possible 14+2 in Presearing at Level 19).



F1: Pulling Bow (--)
F2: High Set (112e, 786hp)
F3: Casting Set (94e, 786hp)
F4: Defensive Set (82e, 872hp)



As per request, this Gear and Bar section was only intended to share how I have my character. You are not obligated to use the same armor stats or build choice. This is one of the benefits having a casting character in Presearing. Almost every weapon or armor upgrade will do just fine.Thanks.

Elementalist Guide

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