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Those who choose to follow the path of the Warrior have chosen a profession dedicated to up close and personal violence (and they love every minute of it). The Warrior is the quintessential hack-and-slash fantasy hero: tough, strong, and an expert at wielding melee weapons on the battlefield (in other words, what many MMO gamers call "the tank"). Warriors are masters of the axe, the sword, and the hammer; though most choose to focus on one weapon over the others. With their heavier armor and damage absorbing runes and shields, Warriors can soak up the abuse that other characters in the group can't handle, and give other professions in the party such as Rangers or Elementalists the distance needed to make use of ranged abilities. Many Warrior skills are powered by adrenaline, a special power pool generated as the Warrior fights, instead of Energy. This means the Warrior, already a profession with low Energy regeneration, will still have plenty of skills to use even when Energy runs out. A Warrior's tactical skills are often defensive in nature and help you both protect and lead your troops. Strength is the Warrior's primary attribute; greater Strength lets the Warrior improve all Strength-based skills and more readily pierce an opponent's armor.

Warrior Attributes

Warrior Skills


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Hammer Mastery

hammer bash.png

Axe Mastery

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Executioners strike.png

No Attribute


Common Skills

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