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The Ranger is more in touch with living nature than any other profession. Where the Elementalist harnesses and tames the power of the elements, the Ranger lives as one with life in all its abundance, and utilizes unique survival skills that come from this connection. Rangers can perform Nature Rituals that manipulate the environment to hinder enemies, or draw on the power of the wilderness to heal and assist allies in battle. The Ranger can also tame the beasts of the wild and command them to fight at the Ranger's side. The Ranger is the master of the targeted distance attack and Rangers get the most out of ranged weapons like bows. The Ranger's primary attribute, Expertise, demonstrates the benefits of communing with nature. Attack skills and Preparations (like Apply Poison) will use less energy with the more points you pour into Expertise. In a party, the Ranger is often called upon to pull foes toward the group with a well-aimed arrow. Rangers combine effectively with any secondary profession that performs well at a distance.

Ranger Attributes

Ranger Skills


power shot.png
read the wind.png

Wilderness Survival

ignite arrows.png
troll unguent.png

Beast mastery

comfort animal.png
charm animal.png


point blank shot.png

No Attribute

Dual Shot.png

Common Skills

Ressurection Signet.png


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