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The Necromancer wields the power of death itself, a power no enemy can stand against forever. The dark arts of the Necromancer—Curses, Death Magic, and Blood Magic—usually take a toll on the caster by forcing a sacrifice of Health, but the harm that befalls a Necromancer's foes in return makes this a small, if painful, price to pay. Necromancers can command the corpses of their enemies (or even allies) as deadly foot soldiers using Death Magic, while Blood Magic drains Health from foes and transfers it to the Necromancer. Curses hurt the Necromancer, but hurt the Necromancer's opponents even more by sapping enemy Enchantments and healing abilities. Necromancers keep their Energy bars full with Soul Reaping, the primary Necromancer attribute, which feeds upon the deaths of others. The Necromancer requires patience and discipline to master.

Necromancer Attributes

Necromancer Skills


blood renewal.png
life siphon.png
vampiric gaze.png
vampiric touch.png


animate bone horror.png
Deathly Swarm.png


soul barbs.png

Common Skills

Ressurection Signet.png


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