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Money Making Guide

Hello all!

If you're new to Pre or the game even, this is my guide to making money in Pre-Searing!

Prices listed may vary in-game.


Farming Nick Items/GotHs (Levels 1-20)

Check the map below to see which items you would like to farm and map out your route. Then either farm and sell these items to other players or you can exchange them with Nicholas for GotHs. You can then either sell the GotHs to players, or you can open them and trade the individual items to players.

  • A stack (250) of Nick items will generally take around 2-8 hours to complete depending on the item/speed of your runs.

  • There is a high chance of dyes dropping whilst farming these items.

  • Experience to be gained for levels 1-9.

Baked Husks | 30g-50g each
Charr Carvings | 10g-25g each
Dull Carapaces | 20g-40g each
Enchanted Lodestones | 20g-40g each
Flowers | 10g-50g each
Gargoyle Skulls | 20g-35g each
Grawl Necklace | 30g-50g each
Icy Lodestones | 30g-50g each
Skale Fins | 10g-30g each
Skeletal Limbs | 20g-40g each
Spider Legs | 20g-40g each
Unnatural Seeds | 20g-40g each
Worn Belts | 10g-25g each

General Dyes | 25g-100g
White Dye | 500g-1k
Black Dye | 15k-20k

  • Maximum of 5 Goths per Account, per day.

  • 5 Nick Items of the day are needed for 1 GotH.

  • 5 Consumable items of the same type are contained within each GotH.

Gift of the Huntsman | 300g-400g ea

Bottle Rockets | 45-50g ea
Hunter's Ale| 35-50g ea
Aged Hunter's Ale |120-150g
Champagne Poppers | 45-50g ea
Honeycombs | 50-70g ea
Jars of Honey | 100-150g ea
Sparklers | 45-50g ea

Charr Runs (Levels 8-20)

Go solo or partner up with someone, head over the wall and target groups of Charr for their potentially valuable drops. Rare weapons are rare, be prepared to kill Charr for weeks before a high value weapon drops. Charr are the only source of Runes.


  • A Charr run will generally take between 5-20 minutes to complete.

  • Charr Bags and Charr Kits only drop from bosses.

  • All Charr have the potential to drop something good.

Charr Bags | 200g-500g
Charr Kits | 10k-15k
Runes | 100g-5k
Weapons/Mods | 100g-150BD

Power Trading (Suggested 5k-1BD Start)
Buy Low, Sell High. It's as simple as that.

1 - Know the market you want to invest in.
You don't wan't to get caught out! Get an understanding of the current price in the market before investing and make sure the item(s) you buy are sought after. You don't want to get stuck with something that nobody wants.

2 - Start small.

Get an understanding of turn over times on a particular item by completing small trades. This way you'll be able to judge if it's the right market for you or not and if you don't end up enjoying trading, you can easily bail out a small amount of goods rather than a large amount.

3 - You need money to make money!
Once you get going, be prepared to fork out. The more money you spend, the more money you can make. You'll need to decide if you want to turn over lots of items for smaller profits or sell fewer items for higher profits (¿por qué no los dos?).

4 - Be confident, be polite.
Be confident in what price you want to buy and sell at, you won't get anywhere if you let people push you on prices. Having said that, don't beg/push for people to drop their prices if they don't want to. Someone else will come along later and trade at the price you want to trade at, so long as it's reasonable.

5 - You can profit from anything
If you bought it, someone else will buy it too. Generally: Nick Items, GotHs, Consumables, Runes and Weapons/Mods are fast sellers, Minipets and El Tonics are slow sellers. It all comes down to how long YOU can wait

Pre/Post Trades

Already have money in Post-Searing? Transfer that money in! Find a person who is willing to trade their Black Dyes for your Ectos/Z-keys/Arms, get a price check on the current ratio and search for a trade moderator.


  • Be wary of scammers posing as both the buyer and the moderator.

  • Never go first in a trust trade with a stranger or new accomplice!

1k in Pre = 3k-4.25k in Post / 0.6-0.8 Ecto
1 Black Dye = 10-20 Ecto / 8-15 Z Keys
6-7 Black Dye = 1 Arm

Hopefully some of these tips help you in making some money in Pre!

Written by Meir

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