Shortcuts used to easily display information, they are used by entering them into the chat box. All commands begin with a slash and will not be seen by others when "sent". If their purpose is to return information, it will appear in a green font. If a non-existent command is used, a green "unknown command" message will appear.
















Chat Commands





















Miscellaneous Special Commands


















































Commands used to display the character's emotional expressions.

















































































Advanced Use of Emotes:

Most of the Emotes can be synchronized with other players. To do this add an asterisk (*) to the emote command at the end.
For Example:  /dance becomes /dance* . Emotes that are synchronised in this way will start in five second intervals, not immediately. 
Anyone who makes that emote command, within that five second interval, will start the emotes' animation sequence at the exact same time as the character they are synchronising with.

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