Common Skills

 - Bane Signet, Orison of Healing.

 - Banish, Healing Breeze.

 - Reversal of Fortune, Shielding Hands.

 - Retribution, Symbol of Wrath.

 - Conjure Phantasm, Ether Feast, Imagined Burden.

 - Backfire, Shatter Delusions.

 - Empathy, Ether Feast.

 - Deathly Swarm, Vampiric Gaze.

 - Faintheartedness, Soul Barbs.

 - Animate Bone Horror, Life Siphon.

 - Blood Renewal, Vampiric Touch.

 - Aura of Restoration, Flare.

 - Aura of Restoration, Firestorm.

 - Blinding Flash, Lightning Javelin.

 - Point Blank Shot, Read the Wind.

 - Power Shot, Troll Unguent.

 - Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, Troll Unguent.

 - Dual Shot, Ignite Arrows.

 - Healing Signet, Sever Artery, Gash.

 - Cyclone Axe, Executioner's Strike.

 - Frenzy, Hammer Bash.

 - Frenzy, Healing Signet.

 - Resurrection Signet

Skill Quests

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