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Fast Levels 1-20

"Charr at the Gate" quest can be taken from Prince Rurik in Ascalon City. It's and excellent, mostly safe, fast and easy way to reach level 10 quickly for any new character regardless of profression. Simply leave Ascalon with the quest active, and escort Prince Rurik to the gate. Make sure you stay with him, if you get too far ahead or stray off the path he and his group will stop and wait for you to get close to them again. Before you reach the gate, use your Summoning Stone (If you have one) to summon your Imp. Feel free to hang back if you are going for Survivor Title. As long as you are relatively close, you will get Exp for every kill. Prince Rurik and his group (and your Imp and Pet if you have them) will dispatch the group quickly. It is highly suggested to press M (or type /resign in chat) and head back to Ascalon as soon as 3 of the 4 Charr are dead. This will save you time abandonning the quest and running back up the stairs each time to retake it. I snipped the following table from the wiki entry for this quest.

After reaching level 10 players shooting for fast Legendary Defender of Ascalon title (or Survivor title) should consider farming "Vanguard Rescue: Farmer Hamnet" quest for fast and easy Exp. Vanguard quests are given by Lieutenant Langmar in Ascalon city once a character has reached Level 10. Available Vangaurd quests cycle in rotation and refresh daily. Simply wait until "Vanguard Rescue: Farmer Hamnet" quest is available, take it, then do not complete it so you can farm it for Exp.

Found this gem online, thought I'd drop it here:

Today, I did an experiment to see how fast I can grind the first two foes of Farmer Hamnet’s Vanguard Quest. I was told that it is the fastest way to get to level 20.

I did 38% of Level 10 in 21 minutes. Let’s estimate how long it would take, if you don’t pee, eat, sleep or do anything except grind: (numbers are rounded for convenience of calculation)

7400 XP * 38% = 2812 XP

2812 XP / 21 minutes = 134 XP/minute

7400 / 134 XP = 55 minutes for Level 10

Okay, so at level 10, we have 64 XP per foe, which means (rounding up again) 116 kills to reach level 11.

For convenience, we’ll round again, saying that it takes roughly 1 minute ( 134 / 64 = 2.09 ).

At level 11, you are at 48 XP per foe, so if we do the same 1 minute per run, 8000 XP is accumulated in 83 minutes.

Here is my handy-dandy table:





























TOTAL TIME 1588 min 99.9% (26.47 hr)

Once again, this is WITHOUT ANY BREAKS AT ALL – roughly 26 1/2 hours for Level 10 to 20.

The most useful numbers to consider here are the % of total time investment, per level.

As you have probably heard, and as I show in the above table, Level 16 is the longest grind, taking up just over 20% of the total time (one fifth!) required to reach Level 20. Please keep in mind that this does not include the first ten levels.

If you made it to Level 16 without accepting any quests, you save yourself 20% of the total time investment. Considering our “optimal” rate above taking 344 minutes, or 5.7 hours, you are saving AT LEAST THAT in raw farming time.

Good luck!

NOTES: I am not the original author. As he/she did not list their name it is impossible to give them credit. Instead I'll simply cite the source where I found this:
Credits: wonderland

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