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Quests and Experience


A Gift For Althea

A Mesmer's Burden

A Monk's Mission

A New Elementalist Trainer

A New Mesmer Trainer

A New Monk Trainer

A New Necromancer Trainer

A New Ranger Trainer

A New Warrior Trainer

A Second Profession
A Test of Marksmanship
Across the Wall
Adventure with an Ally
Bandit Raid
Charr at the Gate
Charr in the Catacombs
Domination Magic
Elementalist Test
Further Adventures
Grawl Invasion
Gwen's Flute
Little Thom's Big Cloak
Mesmer Test
Message from a Friend
Monk Test
Necromancer Test
Opposition to the King
Poor Tenant
Protection Prayers

Ranger Test
Rites of Remembrance
The Accursed Path
The Blessings of Balthazar
The Egg Hunter
The Elementalist Experiment
The Hunter's Horn
The Necromancer's Novice
The Orchard
The Path to Glory
The Poison Devourer
The Power of
The Prize Moa Bird

The Prize Winning Hogs
The Ranger's Companion
The Rogue's Replacement
The Supremacy of Air
The True King
The Vineyard Problem
The Wayward Wizard
The Worm Problem
Tithe for Ashford Abbey
Trouble in the Woods
Unnatural Growths
Unsettling Rumors
War Preparations
Warrior's Challenge
Warrior Test

Vanguard Quests

Vanguard Annihilation: Bandits

Vanguard Bounty: Utini Wupwup

Vanguard Rescue: Save the Ascalonian Noble

Vanguard Annihilation: Undead

Vanguard Bounty: Blazefiend Griefblade

Vanguard Rescue: Farmer Hamnet

Vanguard Annihilation: Charr

Vanguard Bounty: Countess Nadya

Vanguard Rescue: Footman Tate


The following profession arrangements receive the maximum amount of 10650 XP upon completing all quests:
W/N, R/N, Mo/N, N/W, N/R, N/Mo.

The following profession arrangements get the second highest total of 10400 XP upon completing all quests: 

W/R, W/Mo, R/W, R/Mo, Mo/W, Mo/R, N/Me, N/E, Me/N, E/N.

The following profession arrangements will give you 10150 XP upon completing all quests:
W/Me, W/E, R/Me, R/E, Mo/Me, Mo/E, Me/W, Me/R, Me/Mo, E/W, E/R, E/Mo.

The following profession arrangements reward your services with a paltry 9900 XP upon completing all quests:
Me/E, E/Me

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