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Vanguard Quests are a series of repeatable quests that become available from Lieutenant Langmar after your character reaches level 10. Vanguard Quests cycle on a daily basis and change over at 16:01 UTC (9:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time). To see The current Vanguard Quest, click here.

Vanguard Annihilation: Bandits

Vanguard Bounty: Utini Wupwup

Vanguard Rescue: Save the Ascalonian Noble

Vanguard Annihilation: Undead

Vanguard Bounty: Blazefiend Griefblade

Vanguard Rescue: Farmer Hamnet

Vanguard Annihilation: Charr

Vanguard Bounty: Countess Nadya

Vanguard Rescue: Footman Tate




The level of the foes depends on that of the party member with the lowest level: 





Vanguard Buffs


Characters with an active Vanguard Quest in their Quest Log will receive an Armour Boost while in any explorable area. Those travelling with quest takers will not have the bonus. Your armour is improved while performing missions for the Ascalon Vanguard. This environmental effect overrides the armour values found on the individual pieces of armour that you are wearing, setting your armour rating to a fixed amount appropriate for the level of the foes that you are facing.

For example, a level 11 Monk's Krytan Vestments which normally provide an armour rating of 7 will instead provide an armour rating of 15 with this effect active.


Armor Rating

Whilst under this effect: Profession specific armour bonuses - such as the Warrior's +20 armour vs. physical damage, and the Ranger's +30 armour vs. elemental damage - still apply their extra armour. Armour-boosting insignia's are believed to have no effect. The armour boost is active vs. all damage received, even damage from non-Vanguard foes. Note: The base armour of shields provides no additional armour. Additional armour modifiers on weapons and off-hands, such as the +7 armour vs. piercing damage on the staff from The Wayward Wizard quest, do provide additional armour. 

Vanguard Quests

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