Bear Taming


Breaking Charm

Skill. Allows any non-pet animal to break a charm attempt.




Brutal Mauling



Attack. Brutal Mauling.



The Basic Steps
The player helping must tank the bear (non aggressively).

The area should have an open & clear escape route.
The tank should also try to keep the bear's back facing the charmer at all times. 
The player doing the charming should stand at the maximum spell range away from the bear.
With every fourth attack, a symbol will appear over the bear's head, as it starts activating the maul skill. 
This skill is very much slower than the bear's  normal attacks. 
The players should try to coordinate their movements for the next time this symbol appears.
The tank should run directly away from the charmer. 
The charmer should cast charm animal just as the bear is about to be pulled out of maximum casting range. 
If the animal charmer casts the charm too early, the bear will not be moving out of range behind the tank.
The bear will react by disengaging from aggro with the tank and use it's break charm skill.
It is therefore important to get the timing to cast the charm skill correct.
If the timing is correct, the bear will continue its attack on the now-distant tank, chasing after them.
This results in the bear moving out of the range it's interrupt will work ,while failing to notice the charmer.
The idea is for the tank to lure the bear far enough away, that even if it uses it's interrupt, the charmer is not affected.


See this Youtube video for an example:  










Note that the bear will not respond to you after you charm it until you have went through a couple of portals or mapped to a couple of towns. For some reason it still thinks it's wild.​ In some cases they don't change until they gain a level or 2. They display a naturally aggressive behavior, have a wide wandering range, and are much slower to follow their tamer. 

In Post Searing, Black Bears appear at level 5 in the wild , and can be charmed as easily as any other animal.

Pet deaths in Pre Searing do not cause skill recharge or loss of adrenaline to their owner.

Pets in Pre Searing  may be evolved to dire before charming by Death Leveling them. 

A player can only charm  a pet that is up to 4 levels higher than them.