Level Thresholds 


Experience Per Foe














Experience from Pre Searing Quests

The following profession arrangements receive the maximum amount of 10650 XP upon completing all quests:
W/N, R/N, Mo/N, N/W, N/R, N/Mo.

The following profession arrangements get the second highest total of 10400 XP upon completing all quests: 

W/R, W/Mo, R/W, R/Mo, Mo/W, Mo/R, N/Me, N/E, Me/N, E/N.

The following profession arrangements will give you 10150 XP upon completing all quests:
W/Me, W/E, R/Me, R/E, Mo/Me, Mo/E, Me/W, Me/R, Me/Mo, E/W, E/R, E/Mo.

The following profession arrangements reward your services with a paltry 9900 XP upon completing all quests:
Me/E, E/Me