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Additional Mods

Note: Warriors gain 20 armour against physical damage and Rangers gain 30 armour to elemental damage.

Note: Charr Mesmer Boss (Ghast Ashpyre) uses a skill (Mantra of Flame) that gives him 34% reduction to fire damage and 2 energy each hit.

Notes about Staves: These weapons also come with a Halves Skill Recharge(HSR) (spells) inherent mod that maxes at (16% chance) in presearing.


Notes about the Rinblade: This is an excellent weapon, especially for warrior primary or secondary. It's inherent mod(inscription) is +5 armor vs Charr which means that you can add a defensive mod (+5 armor) to it and get +10 while Charr hunting. Use the Bandit Raid quest reward shield and you get 24 extra base armor. If you are a warrior primary or secondary you can use a formal Charr Shield for 18+ armor and have 28-31 extra base armor.

*** Wiki states that the +5 armor bonus to the Rinblade does not work ***

For trade purposes, please note that non-max items can still be sold for good money if they have mods which increase values such as energy, or extra armour in certain conditions (a good example of this is Armour vs charr/ slashing dmg/ piercing dmg)

Also note that dual modded items are much more appealing to buyers, especially if those mods are relelvant in pre. Mods such as poisonous and heavy affect only conditions that dont exist in pre and so are unwanted.

Please feel free to add anything I have missed, or to correct me if wrong. Any suggestions you make will be considered and this guide will be edited.

Min & Max Values

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