Runes are suffix upgrade components applied to armour that are available for armour sets crafted in all campaigns and the PvP Equipment panel as well as Hero armour. Runes provide bonuses to armour sets; For example, the Attunement rune adds extra energy in addition to the base statistics of the armour. All armour can be runed, however profession specific runes can only be applied to primary class armour, eg. Warrior rune of minor Swordsmanship can only be applied to a primary warrior's armour. Runes are available from Rune Traders and can be traded with other players, however the only way to unlock new runes in PvE is to identify them from 'salvage armour'. PvP characters can create armour with runes in the PvP Equipment panel regardless of campaign, like all PvP items, this armour cannot be salvaged. Unlike insignia, runes have variable value bonuses - there are "max" runes.The only runes available in Pre Searing are minor runes because purple and gold salvage armours do not drop in this part of the game. Most runes do NOT stack, meaning adding more of the same rune will not add to the effect, eg. 2 minor runes of Vigor will not make 60 health, only 30. However, Attunement and Vitae are stackable.

Common Runes:



Profession Specific Runes:












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