A vital part of the game, no matter what profession you choose, is your weapon. In the game you can buy weapons from NPC's, you can buy them from other players, you can craft them if you have the right materials, and you can even find them when killing monsters. There are 3 colours in Pre-Searing that you should be aware of. White, Blue, and Purple. White is usually sold to a merchant for gold. Blue needs to be identified with an Identification kit first and then either sold to a merchant or salvaged for material with a regular salvage kit for materials. Purple is rare drops that have some sort of modification. These once identified can be worth more than you may realise, so be sure to ask in chat in Ascalon. You can salvage the mods off of them with a Charr Salvage Kit (a drop from the Charr bosses in the Northlands). Players will usually post there mods for sale in the party chat, and you can check out the Price Check tab here to get an idea of what they are worth.

-Boston Arrow

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