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Written by Lil Puppy   
Wednesday, 21 March 2007


        Corral all the Prize Winning Hogs back into the pen.

Obtained from

    Farmer Dirk in Ashford Village


        * 25 Gold


    "My life is ruined! Some ruffians must have come around and let my Prize Winning Hog out of their pen. I have been chasing after them all afternoon and am completely exhausted! If they wander too far, who knows what will happen to their poor, poor souls. You see, some of the wild creatures around these parts would make quite a feast out of my precious little babies. Perhaps you and a friend could help me out and get them back to safety?"

Reward Dialogue

    "Why thank you! They are all back safe and sound. Let me know if you find out who did this."


  • This quest is an unlogged quest (does not show up in the quest log [L] )
  • This quest is only available when Farmer Dirk is standing outside of the pen.
  • This quest does not show the green ! when available
  • This quest is available when Farmer Dirk says "Oh no, not again!" Talk to him after he says that and he will give you the quest.
  • This quest is repeatable.
  • You can do this quest solo.


The pigs will run in exactly the opposite direction that you touch them in. If you choose to party with someone for this quest one of you should chase the pigs and the other should stand in the pen to keep the others from escaping again.

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